Top Most Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil



Coconut Oil or the Copra Oil is an extract from the kernel or meat of mature nuts from the coconut palm.

This oil is an edible oil and resistant to rancidification.

And the major benefit of this oil is it can last for six months without spoiling at the room temperature that is at 24°C.

Although coconut oil is used since ages, we find no positive point in using it.

So, the idea of sticking to it never grabbed our attention.

But there are some interesting facts and benefits of coconut oil that you never had any clue of.

We always have a little jar of coconut oil in our kitchen but never knew that using it in our day to day life would do wonders.

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Oil

Why drink Coconut Oil?

Nowadays, oil is considered to be the synonym of fats irrespective of the facts.

Yeah, I am talking about the fact that coconut oil is high in fatty acids that are metabolized differently than most other fats, which leads to the positive and beneficial effects on our health.

When you are looking for superfoods to lose weight, coconut oil is so far the best one.

Coconut oil effects and benefits directly to our body by helping us shedding those extra pounds.

A few growing bodies of research states that adding few drops of coconut oil in your diet as well applying it on your body is one of the easiest ways to improve one’s health, appearance, and well-being.

Countries that consume coconut and coconut oil on a daily basis in their diets such as Philippines, India and other Pacific islands have significantly fewer cases of obesity and heart diseases, which clearly disproves the agenda-driven smear campaign against this fabulously healthy oil.

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There are unlimited benefits of Coconut oil to your body, which is why it is recommended to be used and consumed.


Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight loss

A healthy body from inside is the key factor for the weight loss.

Coconut oil helps you get a stronger digestive system so that you reap several other health benefits along with weight loss.

  • It boosts metabolism

Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which boosts your metabolism and energy levels.

These MCTs are not stored as fats in the human body, instead, they are sent to the liver where they are transformed into energy.

When consumed on empty stomach, coconut oil boosts your metabolism on an average of 5% for a day’s period.

  • It reduces appetite

As mentioned above, the MCTs present in coconut oil are directly sent to the liver where it not only boosts your energy but also reduces your craving for food.

This, in turn, helps you in losing weight.

  • It balances your hormones

Coconut oil produces healthy hormones that help in digestion and reduces bad cholesterol from your body.

  • It burns fat

When healthy hormones are produced, besides improving digestion, they also help in burning fat and enhancing the ability to digest food and absorb nutrients, so you eat less and still feel full and adequate all the time.

The hormones produced burns away the stubborn fat stored especially around the waist, thighs, and buttocks.

  • Helps in efficient absorption of nutrition

Coconut oil helps efficient absorption of all vitamins in the digestive tract.

And, when you acquire all the vitamins and minerals required for your body, you will feel better overall and it also keeps you away from anxiety and stress.


How to Consume Coconut Oil

Not all coconut oils are made for weight loss.

There are some specific coconut oils for some specific purposes.

And, Coconut oil along with the MCTs also contains some highly saturated fatty acids, which when consumed in large quantity can have some adverse effects.

Consuming coconut oil twenty minutes before your meal will significantly have a great impact on your appetite.

Mix 1-2 TBSP of coconut oil with hot water or herbal tea, stir it well and drink it.

For a healthy and better life, the quantity of coconut oil to be consumed daily depends on how much you weigh.

  • If you weigh around 90-130 lbs., then consume a total quantity of 3 TBSP coconut oil per day, that is 1 TBSP before each meal.
  • If you weigh around 131-180 lbs., then consume a total quantity of 4.5 TBSP coconut oil per day, that is 1.5 TBSP before each meal.
  • If you weigh over 180 lbs., then consume a total quantity of 6 TBSP coconut oil per day, that is 2 TBSP before each meal.


Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

Ever had a look at the ingredients label of the store-bought beauty products you buy?

If you ever had, then you will find a label that shows an index containing chemicals and their composition with names that are difficult to pronounce, but one among them will surely be coconut oil.

Coconut oil is used as the base ingredient for a lot of beauty products aiming healthy and nourished skin.

Since it is the base ingredient of several beauty products, let’s know in what ways it can be used reap the benefits on our skin.

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  • As a Moisturizer

Moisturizer is basic for every homemaker as well as professional.

Performing all the household chores leaves your hands parched and dry.

And those who are exposed to the outer atmosphere full of pollution always require something to protect themselves from dirt and sun.

Though using Coconut oil as a moisturizer doesn’t go well for the ones on the go, it will surely nourish your skin.

It is suggested to apply some cold pressed coconut oil on to the dry appearing parts of your body before going to bed and rinse it off with Luke warm water.

This practice would nourish and soothe your skin.

  • It eases shaving

We are used to conventional shaving creams, which sometimes leave scars on our body after shaving.

Applying coconut oil on your legs before shaving prevents cuts and the soothing properties of coconut oil leave your skin hydrated.

  • As a Makeup agent

Coconut oil is used to give the last touch up for your makeup to get a glossy look.

In fact, coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover.

Apply some oil on your waterproof eyeliner and swipe it off to remove the traces of your eyeliner.

Coconut oil hydrates your under eyes and prevents dark circles.

Apply some oil to your cheekbones and use it as cheekbone highlighter for daily makeup.

And, applying some oil on your chapped lips during the night will help heal and repair them.

It will leave your lips soft and supple.

  • As a Body scrub

Mix melted coconut oil with brown sugar or salt and use this mixture as a luscious body scrub.

This scrub will ultimately act as a deep conditioner too.

  • As a Massager

Many of the massage oil products have coconut oil as their base.

So, try using coconut oil for massage as it is skin friendly and has several other benefits too besides being skin friendly.


Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Wondering if the harsh chemicals in your hair products are doing more harm than good?

Then why not switch to the traditional and guaranteed way of using coconut oil to get the most beautiful and nourished hair.

Yes!! Coconut oil is being used for healthy hair for ages and is the most recommended product by our grannies.

And again, it is the base ingredient of many hair products as well.

Let’s know more about the benefits of coconut oil for our hair, and in what ways it can be used.

  • For Hair Growth

Coconut oil can replace those expensive store-bought products you buy for hair growth.

This Oil is the safest, effective and inexpensive solution for hair growth.

It helps your hair to grow thicker, longer and healthier.

Applying some oil on your scalp and massaging it gently, regulates the blood circulation and supports healthy hair growth.

  • For Conditioning

You are recommended to use different conditioners lurked with chemicals depending on the properties of your hair.

But Coconut oil is the one for all solution as it does everything same and everything good for all types of hair.

Coconut oil prevents the frizz, breakage, and damage to your hair from combing and brushing.

This oil also helps nourish your hair with all the minerals and vitamins required by your hair.

Apply the oil along the length of your hair and leave it overnight for conditioning, wash it with a gentle shampoo the next day.

  • For Styling

Coconut oil gives your hair a shiny and glossy look when sprayed a little on your hair (a lot may result in a greasy look).

Apart from shine, it prevents the frizzy look of your hair as well.

While styling your hair, the rollers, irons, curlers etc., may zap the moisture out of your hair resulting in brittleness and thermal damage.

Application of some coconut oil before styling prevents such consequences.

  • To Prevent Dandruff

The harsh chemicals in your hair products leave your scalp dry and itchy, eventually causing dandruff.

Continuous use of coconut oil will reduce dandruff and will deeply condition your scalp.

  • To prevent Lice

Coconut oil is the best solution for Lice prevention as the oil can penetrate deep into the hair shaft and the scalp, this prevents lice and keeps from their eggs attaching to the hair.

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Other Benefits of Coconut Oil

Besides all the above-mentioned benefits of Coconut oil, it has a lot of other health benefits too.

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) present in coconut oil is the key factor in all the benefits of coconut oil.

These MCTs are the reason behind the treatment of a lot of diseases.

Here are some of the following other health benefits of coconut oil:

  • MCTs in the coconut oil digest the lipid walls of specific bacteria, hence killing the cancer-causing bacteria. This will prevent cancer as well as treat cancer when affected.
  • Coconut oil which has large amounts of healthy fats reduces the risk of occurrence of Seizures in epileptic children.
  • Coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, which may not sound healthy, but these fatty acids work in a different way by converting the bad cholesterol into the good cholesterol and increasing the healthy cholesterol, lowering the risk of heart diseases.
  • It prevents Insulin resistance as the MCTs present in the coconut oil helps to balance the insulin reactions in the cells.
  • High levels of antioxidants present in Coconut Virgin oil treats inflammation by suppressing the inflammatory cells.
  • It treats Arthritis more effectively than any medications.
  • It prevents Alzheimer’s disease. As when affected by Alzheimer, the patient loses the ability to create its own insulin, the ketones produced by the digested MCTs will create an alternate source of energy to help repair the brain function.
  • It is good for Oral health that is oil pulling is recommended to be performed 3 times a week and 20 minutes every time. As oil pulling prevents gum diseases and kills the germs present in your mouth.
  • MCTs in coconut oil are easily digestible, hence resulting in the improvement of ability to recall. Thus, coconut oil is considered as the fuel for the brain cells.
  • It keeps us from urinary and kidney infections. In fact, coconut oil act as an antibiotic by destroying bacteria.
  • Researchers found that virgin oil protects the liver from damage. On the whole, the coconut oil also protects your organs.
  • It gives your pancreas a break as the MCTs in the coconut oil are super easy to digest. They don’t require pancreatic enzymes to be broken down.
  • Consuming coconut oil will ease the digestion and also the metabolic strain on the pancreas.


Bottom Line

Although Coconut oil is the best solution for every health problem you are facing, make sure that you consume it within a prescribed amount.

And not all the coconut oils are same and have the same purpose.

Every type of coconut oil has a specific purpose.

You have different oils for skin benefits, hair benefits and health benefits.

So, be sure that you make a perfect study of the quantity of the oil to be used before using any sort of coconut oil.

When used efficiently, you can reap a lot of benefits from this marvelous healthy oil.


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