Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow


A night of sound sleep gives you a sound mind. Therefore, it is important to have a good sleep.

Your sleeping posture plays an important role in your good sleep. Everyone uses a pillow while sleeping but there are several benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

Let’s understand the health benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

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Health Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

It is difficult to sleep without a pillow but you will be surprised to know all the advantages of sleeping without a pillow.

It helps to extend your back and you can sleep in a natural posture without any aches or consequences. There are several other benefits and these are as follows:

  • Prevents your back pain and reduces neck pain

Many people suffer from neck pain and back pain. Bad sleeping position is the main reason for these suffering. Pillow can worsen the situation as it doesn’t give a natural posture to your spinal curve.

Also, pillow pushes neck upwards that causes severe neck pain too. If you sleep without a pillow, your body gets relaxed and prevents body pain.

  • Prevents wrinkles and acnes

Sleeping with a pillow can cause wrinkles and acne to your face. As pillow is a source of bacteria and when you keep your face on a pillow, it transfers bacteria’s to your face that may result in acne.

It also results in wrinkles and fine line at your face. If you will sleep without a pillow, you can get rid off from wrinkles and acne.

  • Helps in improving bone alignment

If you have a bone alignment issue, start sleeping without a pillow. If you sleep straight on a bed, it reduces stretch on your back and relaxes your body that results in strengthening bone alignment.

  • Reduces stress and insomnia

Laying down straight on a bed without a pillow helps in reducing stress. It relaxes your body that helps in a sound sleep due to which you get rid of insomnia. It enhances energy level because you have a proper sleep due to reduced stress and proper sleep.

  • Increase memory and creativity:

While we sleep, our brain keeps on working and utilizes complete time in sorting all the information that is stored during day time. Your good sleep makes your brain accurately perform this task and increases your memory.

  • Reducing allergies and improves body posture

If you are allergic and uses a pillow that is not regularly washed, your situation can be worse. Dirt, bacteria or dust settles at the pillow therefore if you sleep without a pillow you can live healthily.

Sleeping on pillows use to push your neck and causes a curve that becomes permanent with the time that can also be reduced.

  • Prevents babies from the flat head syndrome

Generally, babies suffer from flat head syndrome because they sleep on one side for a long time. It results in to flatten the head and it can be for a lifetime. If baby sleeps without a pillow, this disease can be prevented.

  • Reduce depression and helps in repairing damaged cells

Depression is mainly caused because of improper sleep and stress. As sleeping without a pillow reduces stress and gives you a sound sleep, your mind gets relaxed and results in reducing depression.

While sleeping, our body heels and repair damaged cells. Therefore peaceful sleep helps your body to repair damaged cells.

Sleeping without pillow benefits is not limited. Initially, it will be difficult for you when you start sleeping without a pillow but once you will get habitual, its tremendous benefits will amaze you.

Posture to Sleep without a Pillow

How to sleep without a pillow is the first thing comes in a mind when you want to adopt this habit. The best way to start is lie down straight on your back and try to sleep. It helps your back to give proper support by the mattress and gives neutral posture to your neck.

Also reduces the risk of any physical changes and health ailments that are caused by using a pillow. It is important to understand sleeping without pillow posture to get its all benefits.

Disadvantages of Sleeping Without a Pillow

There are several benefits of not sleeping with a pillow but there can be few disadvantages of sleeping without a pillow.

If you are habitual of sleeping on your side, it may cause a bent at your cervical spine and can result in osteoarthritis on the neck. It causes spine ridges that result in pinched and causes painful bone spurs.

Glaucoma patients are advised not to sleep without a pillow as it may worsen your condition. When a person lies at back, the fluid pressure of the eyes increases while if you use a pillow, fluid pressure decreases.   

Final Words

Initially, it will be difficult for you to start sleeping without a pillow. But there are countless benefits of sleeping without a pillow so if you can acclimatize proper posture you can avail these benefits.


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