5 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips


Have you lost your confidence for your small breast-size? Or, do you want to regain your confidence by enhancing your breast-size?

Don’t need to worry at all. By taking help of the breast augmentation process, you would gain a new appearance and rebuild your confidence.

However, you might have a number of questions regarding this process, such as regarding breast augmentation recovery tips etc. I’ve compiled such types of important questions that you may have in your mind about this process. Just keep on reading.

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What Is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also popular as augmentation mammoplasty process. It is actually a surgical procedure that is all about enhancement the size, fullness, or shape of breasts. In this procedure, breast implants are placed either under chest muscles or breast tissue.

An experienced surgeon saline, silicone, or suitable breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles of the patient. And the best part is that implants have the longevity of 7 to 12 years (averagely).

According to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), in 2015, 279,143 breast augmentations procedures have been performed in the United States.

And thus you realize the popularity of this particular procedure. It was 2% lower than its previous year but 31% higher than in the year 2000.

The breast augmentation process has not only become popular in the United States, but more and more people from different countries are becoming a fan of this technique.

The main concern of many women is post-surgery recovery and so I’ve collected the best breast augmentation recovery tips to help you out.

Many women have got new confidence in their appearance and feeling after undergoing this process. And for others, breast augmentation is a way of restructuring their breasts for several conditions.

If you want to undergo breast augmentation, it’s essential to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. And before deciding anything, it’s critical to know about this surgery, the possible risks along with complications, follow-up care, and breast augmentation recovery tips etc.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages

Any surgical process takes some time to recover and the same goes well with breast augmentation process. The rate of recovery is slow in this case and it takes a couple of weeks for the entire recovery.

However, recovery experience is different for different patients. In this post, I have compiled the best breast augmentation recovery tips to help you throughout the recovery period.

After the first day of surgery, most of the patients experience some sort of discomfort but it can be lowered by using proper pain medication (after the consultation of the doctor). Some kind of swelling, nausea, and bruising could also happen.

The patients won’t be permitted to move their arms for the initial 24 to 48 hours once completing the process. Along with other restrictions, driving is also not permitted.

In the initial few weeks of the recovery period, you should wear easily-removable apparels. To streamline the entire process of recovery, you need to properly obey the breast augmentation recovery tips.

In a nutshell, all physical activities are restricted throughout the recovery period. Nicotine, blood-thinning medications, and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

In the course of the first days of this recovery process, you’ll require a helping hand in preparing meals, moving you around, and helping to get dressed. You can talk to your doctor to know about the breast augmentation recovery stages so that you can prepare yourself in advance.

Ways to Recover from Breast Augmentation

Don’t worry. The recovery period of breast augmentation surgery is not of too much difficult. You just have to follow the best way to recover from breast augmentation.

It is mandatory to have sufficient rest through the entire recovery period and a quiet environment is essential for ensuring it. The doctor would prescribe required pain medication (for a few days course) in order to streamline your early recovery process.

Before going to the clinic for undergoing breast augmentation surgery, don’t forget to stock easy-to-prepare foods and sufficient amount of water.

The first day following the surgery, you might feel being nauseous due to the effect of anaesthesia or not having much appetite. Hence, soft and light foods are recommended.

The breast augmentation recovery tips are mandatory to follow to make sure everything is going well throughout the post-recovery period.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

The best way to recover from breast augmentation is to properly follow the post-surgery tips. However, you have to consult your surgeon about the guidelines that you have to follow following the surgery.

Below I’ve compiled some of the important breast augmentation recovery tips. Let’s catch them one by one:

Some of the particular medications are prohibited following breast augmentation surgery. Consult your doctor regarding the prohibitions.

After getting a green signal from your doctor, you can start moisturizing to the particular area on a regular basis for avoiding stretch marks.

Never try to open the bandages for measuring the recovery progress because it could cause the reopening of the wounds and result in infection.

Do’s & Don’Ts After Breast Augmentation

Knowing about do’s and don’ts are essential following any surgery and they are also integral parts of breast augmentation recovery tips.

You have to perform some activities and refrain yourself some activities so as to streamline your recovery process.

Underneath are specified some of the do’s and don’ts after breast augmentation. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look:


  • You have to make sure that someone is hired to drive you to your home following the breast augmentation process because you would be given anaesthesia for the surgery.
  • Contact any of your family members or friends to stay at your place for the initial few days following the surgery.
  • You need to sleep on your back throughout the initial few weeks following the surgery. Have pillows to get comfortable and to obey all the postsurgical instructions.


Let’s check what not to do after breast augmentation. Some of the tips are specified below:

  • Don’t carry or lift any heavy thing in the initial few weeks following the breast augmentation surgery (it includes your children as well).
  • Don’t sleep on your stomach. It can cause a painful experience after this surgery and also affect the results.

Using tobacco or smoking cigarettes both adversely affect the healing ability of one’s body.

The Bottom Line

Breast augmentation can be really helpful in changing the shape and size of your breasts. And this surgery might improve the self-esteem and appearance of your body. However, you should have realistic expectations and don’t expect perfect results.

For more information and other breast augmentation recovery tips, you have to consult an experienced surgeon.


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