Eat Healthy During COVID-19


The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt as countries are struggling to contain the spread of the virus and protect its citizens from suffering much.

With a majority of countries imposing lockdowns and safety measures by closing down shops and public places, individuals and their everyday habits have been severely affected. One of the worst affected factors due to this Covid-19 pandemic remains food and nutrition.

Due to the prevailing conditions, most food materials are either scarcely available or are not available at all. However, the situation also requires one to remain fit and healthy and have an optimal immune system to fight the coronavirus.

With individuals struggling to manage their homes, work-life and other chores, the will and patience to stay and eat healthy keeps deterring day by day.

Nonetheless, one should not be de-motivated by the state of affairs. Instead, one should try to stay fit and positive as much as possible.

In this article, we have shared the 5 smart tips to eat healthy during Covid-19:

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5 Tips to Eat Healthy During COVID-19

  • Follow safety measures as prescribed by WHO and others- WHO and other such health agencies have prescribed several safety practices to be followed while handling food. It is essential to maintain impeccable hygiene while consuming food to avoid contamination and other diseases.

Some of the basic principles are to wash and sanitize your hands at regular intervals, keep raw and cooked food separately, sanitize fresh food items as well as packets before using them, cook food at high temperatures, use clean water, etc.

These are just some of the measures which can save you from contracting any of the diseases, including the Covid-19 virus.

  • Include fruits, vegetables, and fibres to your diet- Even though procuring fresh products might be a task during such times, yet you should try to include at least some fruits and vegetables to your diet.

You should make it a point to gather as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can with a limited number of trips to the market. You can easily refrigerate these products so that they remain fresh for a long time, or you can try preparing food in large quantities and then storing them for a few days.

You should also try consuming foods that contain fibre such as pulses, wholegrain items.

  • Reduce the intake of processed foods- Although procuring and storing processed food will be much easier during such times, yet you should try to avoid excess intake of such foods since they are extremely unhealthy for your body.

Processed foods contain elements like saturated fats, carbohydrates, and high amounts of salt and sugar. You should try switching to healthier snacking options when you are hungry.

With most places imposing lockdowns, you might be sitting idle at home. Such circumstances may influence you to keep munching on snacks while doing random chores or just while relaxing. You should avoid fried foods during these times, no matter how tempting they might look.

  • Stay hydrated at all times- The importance of good hydration cannot be stressed enough. Water is one of the cheapest yet the most sustainable items that every individual should intake at regular intervals during the day.

No sugar-sweetened beverage or caffeinated drink can replace the importance of water. If you feel like improvising the taste of water, then you can try adding some mint, cucumber, or ant kind of citrus fruits or berries to your water.

You might be tempted to increase the intake of tea, coffee, or other such caffeinated drinks during the day. However, you should avoid drinking large amounts of such drinks as much as possible since they might cause disruption of your sleep pattern and result in degrading your immunity power.

  • Consume home-cooked meals- With the food delivery services posing a major risk of contracting the disease, it would be much more feasible if you cook your meals at home rather than ordering from outside.

Home-cooked meals are more safe and wholesome as compared to food from restaurants or stalls outside. The privilege of home-cooked meals might not always be received by individuals who are busy spending the majority of their time in offices,

Therefore this time can be utilized to devour recipes of healthy and nutritious foods and eat healthy during covid-19.


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