Benefits of Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil or the Copra Oil is an extract from the kernel or meat of mature nuts from the coconut palm. This oil is an edible oil and resistant to rancidification. And the major benefit of this oil is it can last for six months without spoiling at the room temperature...
Storage of Cinnamon

Benefits of Cinnamon Tea; Property, Storing and Dosage

    Cinnamon Tea is a beverage prepared with Cinnamon Stick which is easily available in the nearest market and easy to prepare as well. There...
Benefits of Green Tea

10 Health Benefits of Green Tea You Must Know

    Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. Isn’t it? So is it not great to find something that helps you stay fit? Shall we...
Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

5 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

  Have you lost your confidence for your small breast-size? Or, do you want to regain your confidence by enhancing your breast-size? Don’t need to worry...
low carb indian food diet

Low Carb Indian Food and Diet Plan

    Indian cuisine is a melting pot of the rich diversity that lives in India. And when you travel across its vast territory, the diversity reaches...
benefits of sleeping on the floor

Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor

    Sleeping on the floor now at this point of evolution may sound not so comfy and classy. We find peace in those super soft beds...
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